Berfîn Çiçek (born June 3, 1991), is a British artist born in Enfield, North London to Kurdish parents who have immigrated from Istanbul in the late 80s. Berfîn grew up in Tottenham, then later at the age of 12 moved to Hertfordshire. Art has always been the core passion for Berfîn. She studied art througout GCSE’s and A-Level’s. She spent most of her time painting and playing the piano. Although she wanted to take art further as a career, her parents were not fond of the idea. Driven by academic statuses, they have managed to persuade her to study architecture as her father didn’t find art “good enough” to pursue as a career. She completed her BA in architecture at Westminster University. After working for 2 years in an architect’s studio based in Farringdon, she discovered that it wasn’t her cup of tea after all. Berfîn quit and travelled alone for a while (Middle East – Thailand – Australia – etc). She knew what she really wanted – just painting. Eventually, she returned to London and picked up painting classes at London Fine Art Studios. It was a great way to get her hands and mind back into action and to improve her technical skills in portrait and figure studies. She grew an interest towards portrait oil painting, “every face has a story to tell”. Although, her work varies from classical portraits to contemporary. It all depends on her mood of the day, she can pick up a brush and paint someone sitting for her, or she can pick up a pallet knife using paint to express her train of thoughts and emotions. Berfîn is currently working on her exhibition projects at her first ever studio based in Streatham, part of the ASC Studios, where she will be focusing on expanding her portfolio for the rest of her life. She still has a long journey to find her true voice… Most importantly, she looks forward to enjoying her journey with her artistic tools.